Monday, 26 November 2012

Thank you from Aila

Since the beginning of the year St John's Pro Life Group has been helping our family raise the money needed to build a ground floor extension on our house consisting of a bedroom and bathroom for our 17 year old daughter Aila, who suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia.  Through fundraising efforts and carrying a PayPal button on this blog, the Group has made a significant financial contribution - not to mention providing invaluable moral support and awareness raising.  We hope that some of the reflections and reporting that have been made in connection with Aila and her needs have helped "raise the profile" of disabled people, their needs and their value.

The extension has now been built and we are at the stage of decorating and furnishing it, so the time has come to close "Aila's Fund" and to say a huge, huge THANK YOU to the Group and to all our benefactors.  We cannot overstate the difference these adaptations are going to make to Aila's safety and independence and we ask the Lord's blessings and Our Lady's prayers for you all.

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