Monday, 26 November 2012

Blessing of the Graves

November is the month when, in the tradition of the Church, we remember the deceased and those who have died before birth are no exception.  Group member Stella Walls writes about St John's service of the Blessing of the Graves earlier this month, at which the Memorial to the Unborn Child also received a blessing.
"On November 4th it was the Sunday of the Blessing of the Graves at Hills Cemetery. I had been up to the Memorial for the Unborn Child the day before, trimmed the surrounding grass, deadheaded the roses and pruned them for next Spring. It was a reasonably pleasant day - but not so on Sunday! The rain fell in torrents all morning but thank goodness stopped by lunchtime, enabling me to place fresh flowers in the vases; but as usual it was so cold.

"Our Deacon Tom and Deacon Seamus from West Grinstead braved the weather and came up for the service and blessings.  Tom Kent, our young aspirant seminarian, accompanied Deacon Tom who was incredibly good and thoughtful explaining to him who the deceased Sisters of the Holy Family were when blessing their graves and telling him about their past role in the Parish.  Deacon Tom also explained about the Memorial and how it wasn't just for us but for unborn children worldwide and that we just tended it. His prayers were beautiful and I felt honoured to be present at the ceremony to represent Pro Life and the Lay Holy Family.

"A thought came to me as I stood amongst the graves of so many dearly loved ones that afternoon. I KNOW that to Jesus all children are precious and I believe those who depart this world early become the cherubs in Heaven."


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