Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Except for death, no-one will kiss me"

Hat tip to John Smeaton for this touching video - an "interview" with an unborn child aware that he is going to be aborted.  Just a word of warning, though - it isn't gory (the images it contains are beautiful) and the abortion itself is not described; but, because it focuses on the humanity and the unique individuality of the child in a very emotionally immediate way, it could be upsetting for a woman who has been through an abortion to watch.

The "interview" is in fact the poem Interview with an Unborn Child by Dr. Mojdeh Shirvanianear.  When watching bear in mind that, as Brad Mattes of the Life Issues Institute says, you are hearing the child's words "within the context of the deaths of 1.2 million babies every year".

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  1. This is so sad. I wish i had seen it before in the 60's. I am sure if seen more widely it would have an enormous impact..