Tuesday, 24 April 2012

BBC to broadcast from an abortion clinic

Earlier this week The Independent (amongst others) reports on an upcoming broadcast (date to be confirmed) from an abortion clinic by journalist Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Radio 5 Live. This is an...interesting and very worrying prospect as the report will not be talking about the two sides of the argument but, as Ms. Derbyshire herself says; "Our point on that day is to bring new insights into areas of British life." They will only be visiting one clinic which will make it very hard for to remain unbiased as they will only be interviewing people from that particular clinic and not seeking an opinion or insight from anyone else. Whilst I'm quite sure that the interviews with staff will be pretty searching given the recent discoveries by the Daily Telegraph about some clinics in the UK performing abortions because the parents wanted a child of a different gender I will admit to being apprehensive about the whole thing. Although I don't know what they will ask or say and we should, certainly, always hope and pray for the best I am concerned that this report might be used (either by the clinic being interviewed or others) as a way to advertise their 'services'. That abortion might be presented as just another normal part of British life (not shown as the terrible act it truly is) and this is simply where it happens. That being said I shouldn't make rash judgements and will pray hard that I am proved wrong.

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