Friday, 16 March 2012

Don't throw it all away...

Just found this on Reflections of a Paralytic and couldn't resist posting it!  Chelsea links to a great post too.

Funny how, these days, we understand "no pain no gain" in some areas of life - dieting or body-building for example - and not others... It's such a tragic shame, because I'm sure every couple who has been married for a good while will say that sticking with it through any bumpier times pays dividends (and there are bound to be bumpier times): in a stronger, deeper, more committed relationship when you've come through the difficulties; in a more powerful love (powerful in a different way from the erotic breathless feelings of the "falling in love" stage); and in a quiet but fathoms deep appreciation of this person you're married to and now know so well, warts and all, and who continues to accept you with all your wrinkles and blemishes. That's my experience, anyhow.  Thanks for hanging on in there Edek - I love you!

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