Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pro-Life Prayers

On Tuesday on the blog Anneli posted about the 40 Days for Life and how to make this Lent a pro-life one. After the news story of sex-selective abortions occurring here in the UK our group has been discussing various ways in which we can pray for life in all its forms. Anneli suggested saying a daily Haily Holy Queen, former member Fr. Terry recommended saying the Angelus either at midday or in the evening and another former group member Fr. Peter suggested saying a weekly Stations of the Cross in honour of all human life. All of these are wonderful ideas, they are simple ways we can help the cause of life all over the world and this, prayer, is the most powerful way we could ever choose to help. Please do join us in using these three marvellous devotions, it makes a huge difference!

(You can download a document with all of the prayers on here.)

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  1. May I make one more suggestion, which is the prayer to the Archangel Michael (as found on our sidebar)? I pray this daily for the pro-life battle. The strength of negative feeling out there amongst many for pro-life causes (and indeed Christianity in general), and the vitriolic way it is often expressed, reminds me daily that - despite the myriad of social and psychological factors at play, which have to be sensitively and intelligently dealt with using all our modern techniques - this is ultimately a question of spiritual warfare. Behind it all lies a Deceiver who is more than capable of posing as an angel of light, justice and "human rights" and thus whipping up the misguided ire of many (which some probably see as righteous anger).

    Wow, it's difficult to express oneself in this way - even to myself I sound weird and nutty! - I guess we're not used to talking in these terms in today's sophisticated, rationalistic world, even within the Church.