Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pro-life almsgiving this Lent

"Feed a Mum on Fridays"
Catching up with some blogsites this morning, I came across the post I have reproduced below at Maria Stops Abortion.

A major part of the perspective of St John's Pro Life Group is finding practical ways to help those facing crisis pregnancies (or suffering as a result of abortion).  We don't believe you can preach a message without at least signposting the help that will be available for those who try to follow it. We're still very much feeling our way as to how to do this, for example by supporting our local crisis pregnancy centre in Horsham, Oasis (01403 272273), and by maintaining the Pro Life Memorial as a place where parents can come to grieve and remember.  The following is a good example of practical support and (after due consultation with hubby) I think will become the focus of our household's Lenten almsgiving... See the original blog post for details of how to donate.

Choosing what to give alms to this Lent? Why not give what you can each Friday in Lent to help Good Counsel  feed destitute Mothers and Babies? We spend £40,000 per year on feeding Mothers. And we give this help when a Mother has no wage, no right to benefits and no other means of support.

Some of our Mothers were sleeping on buses or on the street as late as 7 months into their pregnancies. Many others considered abortion because of their devastating poverty when their baby's father chose not to support them in having their baby. Those readers who have been pregnant and who know the awful hunger pangs you can endure in pregnancy even when you have plenty to eat will understand how terrible real hunger in pregnancy can be!

We always deliver the help that we promise an expectant Mother. We don't provide luxuries, but we do provide the basics. But at the moment funds are at an all time low.That's why we need your support especially during Lent.These women that we support witness to other women who are considering abortion - showing that there is real hope and real help for those in poverty who continue their pregnancies.

It costs us £35 to feed an new Mother for 1 week.
It costs us £25 to feed an expectant Mother for 1 week.
It costs £15 to pay for baby milk each week when a Mother cannot breastfeed.
It costs us £7 a week to buy nappies for a baby.
It costs about £3.60 a day to feed an expectant Mother.

Can you donate any of these amounts weekly through Lent as part of your Lenten almsgiving?

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