Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What to do about abortion ads?

Scroll down and you will see the blog post written by our group Chair, Katherine, on "Abortion Advertised as a Service".  She's covered the subject admirably and with her usual eloquence and conviction, so I have nothing to add... apart from to maybe muse as to how anyone could think a three minute slot between ads for Max Factor lipstick and Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner (note: the St John's Pro Life Group is not giving personal endorsement to either of these products!) is an appropriate context in which to offer information about such a serious topic with all its implications in the areas of physical and mental health and of ethics.  It makes it all too easy to think of post conception advice as just another service and abortion as just another “product”, but hey, one doesn’t pop out in one’s lunch hour to pick up the dry cleaning and to dispose of the unwanted products of conception.

With that last sentence I don’t want at all to belittle the struggles of conscience and the difficult circumstances of many women who are considering or who have had abortions - but it seems to me that we are in danger of constructing a social attitude that does just that.  This is serious stuff.  Let’s be responsible about it and let’s keep it right out of the arena of commercial advertising.

As Katherine points out, prayer is our most powerful weapon in the pro-life armoury (and yes, when we are talking about defending life, we are talking about spiritual warfare, even as we compassionately tend those wounded in battle... which includes women who have had abortions).   Having said that, prayer gives rise to action and our group members are writing to our MP again on this one, because there are powers the Government can use to block advertising by commercial post conception advice services.  In doing so we have drawn heavily on some guidelines drawn up by SPUC – thank you SPUC! - which can be found on their website. Please consider doing the same yourself.

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