Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Doing it all by ourselves

I saw this wonderful image on someone's blog site and I can only apologise because I can't remember whose and can't find it again!  I managed to find the photo though and thought I would share it because, as you may already have noticed, I like cute piccies.

There is of course an underlying seriousness to this one because we are in a "copy and paste" technical age when it comes to the creating of human life.  However, I'm a great believer in sometimes keeping it light (if only on the grounds that you have to laugh or you'd cry) and think that humour can often make a point with brilliant... well, pointedness.   To which end, I also share the joke below.  I know it's been around for a while, but I still think it is an excellent way of putting across the message that - reproductive technologies and subatomic physics notwithstanding - we are still, as Pope Paul VI tried to tell us in Humanae Vitae, ministers and not masters of a Bigger Plan. 

Scientist: God, we don't need you any more.  We've figured out how everything works and we can create life by ourselves now.  You're obsolete.

God: OK, if you say so.  Want to show me how you create life?

Scientist: Sure thing. 

[He bends down and starts to scoop up a fistful of dirt.]

God: No, no!  Get your own dirt! 

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